5 Computer Fixes That’ll Make Work Day More Efficient and Exciting

In this world of technology, we can hardly imagine a day without our laptops. Even if the mobile phone is handy and portable but laptop and PCs have their own importance. The functions that we can perform and the workload that a laptop can bear is not a job of a mobile phone.

Computers are used for a variety of purposes throughout the day. Writing, reading, programming, analysis, and even enjoying a movie. After prolonged use of our gadget starts to give signs of lethargy. The computer screen bores you. This might be very alarming too. Sometimes such problems reduce the efficiency of your work, causing a stop or disturbing breaks.

Making different fixes to your computer can surely help you to have an efficient workday. It would make you active and more dedicated to your work.

The following 5 pieces of advice would reduce your problems and help you have an efficient workday.

1.Make your Home Screen Exciting :

Like every professional worker having a dry desert with the sunset as a desktop wallpaper, try something new and different. Try to have eye-catching colors. Colors really play a key role in making your mind work differently.

Neon colors are attractive and fresh. They motivate you and give strength to enjoy your work. Dark colors like; brown, grey, royal blue, and black are really boring and cause lethargy. Such colors should be avoided.

Try to use a different scheme. Use funny and exciting words on the screen. Minion wallpapers are very cute and their refreshing yellow color proves to be a relaxant.

Why not try displaying a retro clock, your favorite webpage, or weather info and forecasts, complete with animations to match. These animations are so cool.

2. Clean your Desktop :

Admit this guys-sometimes your PC turns into a garbage can. I can’t even count the number of screenshots that I take and want them to be with me forever, without any reason. All these files are scattered on the desktop. At times it is a great mess.

If you can’t organize it by yourself, try a desktop wallpaper organizer to manage It’s a custom desktop image for your computer that helps you neatly arrange your files. They come in all kinds of styles, so you can pick your favorite and design your own desktop.

3. Don’t click faster :

Instead of using a mouse click and changing the menus, try to use the keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts save time and energy. They decrease the tiresome and make your work efficient. These techniques are used by many professional workers which can’t even afford a single second delay.

For Macs PCs, you can create shortcuts for any app’s menu commands through the system preferences. And, for Windows, you can make shortcuts to open any app in a flash.

4. Make Browsing Efficient :

Surfing on the internet is the main focus of a computer user. A lot of time is spent changing websites and exploring around the globe mere using a browser. Sometimes the browsers are worn out and don’t work that effectively.

Limitless Chrome extension has a smart notepad with reminders that helps you to focus on the important things, it gives easy access to your desired websites, and some reminders tell that on which site you surfed the most. These extensions have attractive backgrounds and inspirational quotes as well. Try this you will definitely feel the difference.

5. Make your Battery Last :

Worn out Batteries are one of the most common problems associated with computers. To work for a long time without any disturbance you might need a PC with a strong battery. What if your battery dies in the middle of an important task. It would be bad luck and your whole day will be ruined.

In order to avoid such conditions, windows now has a built-in Battery Saver setting to automatically control push notifications and screen brightness, while Energy Saver has similar functions for Macs. This resolves the issue in most cases.

These hacks are easy to follow and are very effective. Try it and enjoy

Tree Langdon

Alexandria Radford

Zulie Rane

Tom Kuegler

Nico Ryan



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